Welcome to Sprinkling.eu, a reputable IT brand name that provides solutions to your needs for Website design, Branding and other IT needs. What makes us different from our competitors is our dedication to awesome delivery and integrity. Our core values are excellence, confidence, and delivery of marketing solutions that boost our customers’ revenues and sales.

Technology can create or scatter your brand’s output. Sprinkling offers dependable and responsive IT support services that keep your business on track and ahead of the curve, so you can worry less and do more.

Handling IT  services involve not just making sure everything is working but also offering a simplified process that asses client’s needs, creates a plan-of-action and tailors an IT infrastructure to client’s requirements.

Why Use Sprinkling?

Sprinkling provides a one-stop solution to all of your IT needs, providing you with much needed services to get your project to its very best. Here are some reasons why we are the best..


With over 5 years’ experience designing and developing various bespoke projects; you can be rest assured that your project is in the safest hands. At Sprinkling, we take pride in providing exemplary customer service to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Quality Dedication:

Sprinkling is dedicated to providing you the very best quality. This is why we endeavor to put in our very best into delivering professional service in order to improve the quality of our service.


We love our clients and this is why we believe in making our service as affordable as possible while maintaining maximum quality. No wonder we are one of the few trusted IT Companies in (Add location).

Reliable Customer Service:

At Sprinkling, we believe one of the best ways to keep our customers happy is to have a reliable customer service team that would attend to all needs and inquires. So, if you have any problem with our service or you want to make inquiries? Feel free to contact us. You can alternatively fill the contact form on our contact page

Our Valued Services

What we Offer

To provide businesses, regardless of their size and budget, solution to their IT needs and also high quality designs at relatively reasonable price with the main aim of giving their business an appealingly pleasing image.

We are experienced in understanding fresh and dynamically changing industries and at the end of the day, our main aim is so simple – Our team wants to bring out the best in your brand and team.


Delivering the most efficient and safest services to all business needs and to connect people around the world by exceeding their expectations with our professional IT Services. Also to bring business ideas and imaginations into reality through our services.

Our Emphasis

To be World’s foremost business to business (B2B) customer-focused, creative and IT company that leverages the skills and proficiency of our group to bring businesses to life and also provide much brand identity to the already existing ones.

Throughout the years, Sprinkling has been able to create sleek and professional designs in various industries while allowing our clients to obtain a complete web presence.

Sprinkling believes in doing quality work. We always ensure to get it right for the first time with all our clients. No matter the project, it is very essential for us to make sure the job is done with the best tools, professional designs and codes and most importantly to ensure it looks more stunning than the actual money the client paid for. Thus, it makes no sense to work on a project which will be pulled down later on after a year or two, so we work on projects that stand the test of time.

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Unique experience

We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas of business so you can be sure that you won’t receive a generic service and although we can’t boast years and years of service we can ensure you that is a good thing in this industry.


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  • Website Designing
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Your business vision is being displayed by your website.. There is a popular saying which goes thus “First impression lasts longer”.



A mobile app system consists of a native app on an Android or iOS device. It can be an iPhone, iPad or an Android tablet or phone.



Sprinkling is aware of the abilities of technology. Our understanding in business analysis cannot be belittled


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Postal address UK: C220d Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road, London, England, SW17 9SH

Postal address SK: Cabaj Čápor 1435, 951 17 Cabaj Čápor, Slovakia

Postal address USA: 8020 EXCELSIOR DR., SUITE 200 MADISON , WI 53717, USA

Phone: +421 902 60 92 16

Email: info@sprinkling.eu

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